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case closed [hiatus]
I can't stand doing nothing anymore.

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Amazing hypothesis, thanks for sharing your thought! Might add, I think Kaneki's eyepatch in the latest chapter is the remaining of his usual mask? If Kaneki (or Hide) ripped the toothy one, it'll turn out like that, right? I dunno, Kaneki doesn't need to tear the lower section of the mask since he can still eat with it. Umm... if you mind my thought, I believe the reason Isayama doesn't reveal Kaneki's human eyes is because he doesn't want CCG find Kaneki is one-eyed ghoul too... o_o;;

Hi anon! Thank you! ouo

He ripped off his original mask in ch. 136 though! (Strangely, the black patch does resemble the eyepatch in the original mask.) That said, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility if the black patch was a remainder from his kakuja mask.

Hmm, but I think there isn’t a need to hide the right eye to prevent the CCG from finding out that Kaneki is a one-eyed ghoul. From what I’ve seen so far in ch. 138, Kaneki hasn’t activated his kakugan yet, so I don’t think it would have been found out that he is one-eyed. In any case, Arima has seen Kaneki without a mask… his identity could be easily found out now, I guess.

I could be wrong of course!

PS. I think you meant Ishida-sensei, not Isayama-sensei. :)

Thanks so much for contributing your thoughts!! :3