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Omg please share your theory and thoughts of what happened in ch 138 and what will happen in future chapters!! Also, great blog :)

Thank you anon! :)

aghkldhjs i have no basis or anything and they’re really just random thoughts

Kaneki’s right eye was obscured since ch. 137 and occasionally we see this black patch where it should be, which very much resembles an eyepatch.


The black patch definitely wasn’t there in ch. 136! I really really really really think that this might be foreshadowing. Kaneki’s left eye just got pierced too. 

I was just thinking that maybe, just maybe, his kakugan will now manifest in his right eye in future chapters.

Thus the ‘eyepatch’ on his right eye might foreshadow this change. And this would be a very important change to the story if the kakugan does shift to the right eye.

Why? Remember when Tatara stabbed Kaneki then said he didn’t need Kaneki because that ‘eye’ is no good? Because Kaneki’s kakugan was in the left eye? Yeah. Do you see where I’m going with this? 

The One-Eyed King probably had his kakugan in the right eye, and Tatara likely needed another one-eyed ghoul with the same condition. (For what reason, Idk, and that’s for another discussion.)

So if Kaneki’s kakugan manifests in the right eye, Aogiri may look for him again because they’ll need his right-eyed kakugan.


Also, more of what I think/hope will happen in the future chapters:

I think Kaneki will win this battle (but it’ll be a very difficult victory). How? Idk. And how sure am I of this? 65%?

I’m just going to bring in some tarot card stuff here (something which i’ve been planning to write but i’ve been leaving in my drafts for too long):

Ch. 137: Kaneki is 7 (the Chariot) and Arima is 13 (Death).

Chariot: A struggle, but eventual, hard-won victory.

Death: Elimination of old patterns

Therefore, Arima might have his first taste of defeat in battle.

And yeah because of that I haven’t been feeling pessimistic about Kaneki’s current battle in ch. 138.


And also One-Eyed Owl might not be Yoshimura’s child afterall, or maybe at least he doesn’t think of Yoshimura as his father. People have been wondering if One-Eyed Owl came to avenge Yoshimura’s defeat, but I’m beginning to doubt that now. It looks more like he’s there to make fun of the CCG. If he really cared, well I’d think he’d be furious and upset, and his first priority would be to try reviving Yoshimura. Attacking CCG and treating them like fun toys is definitely not first priority. I’d like to list/translate a few of the explanations for Owl’s smile baidu users gave:

1. The large number of CCG members didn’t give him any pressure at all.

2. He came to do his best to kill the CCG, so the more the merrier.

3. He was there to distract them so his plan was working.

Right now, I think the more likely reason why he was smiling was because he’s a gross sadist (esp. after what he did to Shinohara), but I definitely wouldn’t rule out 3. He might be serving as a distraction for Aogiri to carry out some other plans.

Also, I’m not too sure about this, but the One-Eyed Owl might not be the One-Eyed King, right? Following the theory that if the One-Eyed Owl is not Yoshimura’s child, then the One-Eyed King might be Yoshimura’s actual child.