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[19/10] TG:re ch. 2 ENG scans out
[18/10] TG:re raw spoilers.
[17/10] New blog theme.
"The legend has a beginning."

Ch. 138 spoilers

Pics & spoiler translations under cut.

Source: baidu

Warning: Spoilers


Chinese - English spoiler text translations lets go

Word of caution: I don’t really know how to go about translating certain parts. Beware of translation errors.

[Arima-Kaneki standoff]

Kaneki: (thinking)

  • Why is it that beautiful things, rather than being alive, it’s easier to associate them with death instead?
  • Not knowing why, I think he is beautiful.
  • The me who was half-dazed… had not yet noticed the surroundings below my foot…
  • Those weren’t flowers… but huge amounts of <death>.

On the ground laid vast numbers of ghouls, wearing ape and dog masks.

Kaneki: Did he do this alone?

Kaneki looks shocked.

On a neighbouring pillar writes Route V14.


  • Route V14…No it can’t be…
  • Koma-san…Irimi-san…
  • After so much effort…
  • Even if I wanted to use this feeling of abhorrence to stir up my fighting spirit…
  • Rather than grief and anger…the thing that wells up most in my mind is…<hopelessness>.

Arima is approaching Kaneki.


  • Take a wait-and-see approach? No way! I’ll be led by the nose…(?)
  • If I don’t strike first…
  • The one with the preemptive strike… will have the surprise advantage (?)

Kaneki recalls what Hide said.

Hide: Kaneki, please fight with your all.

Kaneki: Hide.


[Kazunaga(? sorry I’m bad at translating names generally) is thinking about the situation with One-Eyed Owl]

Kazunaga: Where exactly did this come from… the encirclement has no holes…

Kazunaga talks with his subordinates.

Arima’s Squad 0 had already been tasked with missions.

1. Intercept ghouls escaping in the underground.

2. If the One-Eyed Owl invades from the underground, engage and annihilate.

Without going through Route V14, one cannot reach above ground.

If detected by the encirclement above ground, Arima would also be summoned here. (?)


  • Since it was undetected that means…it must have come from the underground.
  • Then the question boils down to… from where?


[One-Eyed Owl vs Juuzou]

Juuzou uses the quinque with one hand to attack the One-Eyed Owl.

But with one leg, he is immobile, and thus he falls down.

One-Eyed Owl:

  • にゃはは、けひゃひゃ (weird laugh)
  • Nice walking… Nice walking… (apparently he’s mocking Juuzou for walking like a new born baby)
  • ケタケタ (weird noises)

Juuzou tries to stand.


  • Suzuya…kun…
  • That’s…enough…
  • Retreat…


  • I…don’t… want to…

And then Juuzou’s consciousness gradually leaves him, and he falls.


Hirako appears and cushions Juuzou with his arms.

The other CCG members have also arrived.

Hirako, Hachikawa, Mochimoto (???) and some others (the translator called them NPC lols). 

Mochimoto: …What a model investigator, the Suzuya boy…(?)

Ui: Mochimoto-san! Take-san! What about the areas under your charge…?

Hirako: This is the Chief’s(?) orders.The war has already commenced pursuit-and-attack stage. (??)

Ui realises everyone’s quinques are backups.

Ui: Everyone, quinques…


  • Yeah… County boy… (?!?!!? he’s referring to Ui)
  • I lost “Ultra High Fine Time” at the present
  • My one and only best weapon.

**The way this person talks is grossly dramatic and the name of his quinque is equally so, thus I translated it word for word which gives it this equally stupidly gross name lmao. I’m sure it’s inaccurate. It’s difficult to translate the way he talks as well…


  • A troublesome bastard single-handedly intruded the place.
  • All of us using spares… it’s all that bastard’s fault.
  • Although because of this…(rib-cage), my condition’s no good.
  • Che, my ribs…
  • We must hang on until Squad 0 arrives—

***They’re referring to Kaneki aka quinque-breaker lols.

One-Eyed Owl makes a psychotic laugh…?


[Arima vs Kaneki]

Kaneki who is wounded several times by Arima’s relentless attacks.

Kaneki: I can… still fight…

Kaneki rushes towards Arima.

Arima leaps into mid-air.

And then.

Arima’s weapon pierces from the back of Kaneki’s head and through his left eye.

Kaneki: Fight…

Narrator (likely to be Kaneki’s POV):

It’s already…

impossible to see the same view again…

Text: Next issue, an incident at Route V14.


There is no chapter next week.

Also, I’m doing this at about 2am while half-asleep, forgive me if there’re errors.

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